The Importance Of Self Care

It's not all about lighting candles and bubble baths. You need to dig a little deeper and take care of your mind, body, and spirit. So you can truly enjoy taking care of yourself.

Most people believe self care is all about face masks, soothing music, and lit candles around the room. However, to truly care for your entire being, you have to take care of yourself from within.

Your body can not go, where your mind has not been.

I learned a long time ago, that in order to change my life, I have to first change my mindset. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy self pampering and creating full out spa sessions at home. However, there are often times when these girl nights just aren't enough. Here is how I get myself together from head to toe:


I love getting my hair done and slaying my wig just like the next beauty obsessed person. But I also enjoy feeding my wisdom and intellect with podcasts, blogs, devotionals, and books. I am a Sagittarius, and we are so eager to be informed. We love fueling our fire of curiosity, and we get bored easily if that need isn't being met. Call it being nosey, or being inquisitive -- but no matter how you slice it: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Pick up a book to learn a hobby, improve on a skill, or just to tweak what you already know on a topic. Mastering different skills allows you to be a beast at whatever you desire! I have also trained myself to reverse negative thoughts/feelings as soon as I feel them rising. It's a struggle sometimes, but I actively work on thinking positively about my life, praying daily, and staying focused on my goals.


As you may know by now, I don't play about my skin care-- especially my face. I have products for days, and I don't slack on giving my skin daily love. Yes I have lazy days sometimes, but they have wipes for those days too! Be sure to check out this blog often to learn the great tips and tricks you can use to stay #ForeverFlawless.

Eyes and Ears

What you feed your physique will manifest into your life. I try to limit what I watch and who I listen to in order to create the type of environment that I want to live in. My TV shows consist of inspiring stories, informative talk shows, humor, and occasional news. I don't watch the ratchet s*! Although I was on a reality TV show for a few years, everyone knows I didn't like the drama and I hardly watch reality TV. I also sensor what I listen to because your brainwaves aren't a joke! Feed it negativity all the time and you'll be transforming your mind to always think negative. Ever been around a negative person? Yea, it's draining, and nobody wants to hear it all day. Remember that when you're telling yourself 24/7 (through a song) to pop pills.

Mouth and Body

As cliche as it may seem-- an apple a day, does help you keep the Doctor away. Eating healthy is great for your overall body, and your longevity on this earth. I don't want to get you nervous, but what you feed yourself helps your mind, and body become better so it last longer. I drink a mix of Green & White tea, and I take Vitamin C, Antioxidants, and Iron daily. I also incorporate veggies and fruits into my diet (I can do better tho!), as well as, take daily power walks to the train on my way to work. Let's be honest here! I can definitely do better, and I had a membership to the gym that I hardly used; however, getting that daily jog, walk, run, or lift is essential to keeping you young and fit. It also increases your self-discipline and releases endorphins (happy mood) into the brain. Now who doesn't want all of that?! Take care of your body and it'll be here for a while.

Hands and Feet

Dry hands/feet are NOT the business, and they're the first to show signs of aging. I stay with a bottle of lotion near me or in my bag. I would advise using a nourishing cream or body butter so it stays longer on the skin and last a long time. Watery lotions last 48 seconds (ha!) and are used up quickly due to the need of reapplying it often. I also try my best to get a manicure and pedicure every 2-3 weeks to feel groomed and put together. You never know when you may have to break out the handshakes or open-toe heels. If your limbs are feeling extra crispy: try slaughtering vaseline on them before bed and wearing cotton gloves/socks overnight. This works wonders-- especially during winter months.

The reason for self care is to build your self love. This further turns into self discipline, which continues on into how you deal with others around you. The process may not always be soothing, but it's the only way to learn how to treat yourself with respect. I'll definitely be doing a post on at-home Spa sessions so you can "get it in" with yourself as well. I mean, we do need a good balance of self love and self pampering to truly take care of ourselves!

Stay Beautiful xo

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