Dear Lawd it has been a longggg time coming!! But, have no fear... the beauty tips, tricks, and tutorials are here!! Keep reading for all you need to know about this revamped venture.

Mixing my skincare potions that keep me Forever Flawless

Welcome to my website and blog! Let's get right to it... I was tiyaddddddd (foreign for "tired") of getting countless DMs, emails, and questions about skincare. Now, don't get me wrong, I love sharing the beauty knowledge, however, I found myself repeating the sameeee info over and over again because there wasn't a site to direct people to. Welp! Those days are over!!

Are YOU ready for all the tips, tricks, secrets, and insider knowledge on perfecting that skin of yours? If you said no, then please click X at the top right hand corner. 😉 But I'm sure you're here for a reason... so let's stop playing these games and let's get things moving!

I (re)started blogging because I love sharing information, and I also wanted to have a place where people can come and get what they need in order to feel more beautiful inside and out. My writing style is all over the place so bare with me... some days it'll be girl talk, and some days it'll be Fortune 500 CEO :)!! Nonetheless, I plan on writing quick and snack-able DIY recipes, beauty reviews, and intriguing posts on things I've learned along the way as a self-proclaimed beauty guru. I'll be sharing content on things that I have tried, will try, or currently testing out to keep this face snatched and looking 21 forevaaaaa!

These remedies and the content on this blog are recommendations that have worked for me; however, if you want to be extra careful-- hit up a Doctor first! You can always reach out to me via email at Now let's get to it!

Stay Beautiful!!

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