Review | This $15 Face Massager and Cleanser Will Change Your Skin

This is not your typical face brush made for just cleansing the skin. This automated face brush by Global Beauty Care comes with 4 detachable heads, and 2 speed levels, to ensure you give your skin that ultimate deep cleaning. It is also very affordable and can be found at Marshalls for only $12.

After trying out this device on my face for 2 weeks, here's my honest review:

The Look? This AA battery-operated handheld brush is colorful, modern, and smooth with four detachable brush heads: two for cleansing the skin, one for foundation application, and one for massaging the skin. It also comes in a sleek carrying case for the entire device.

The Feel? The handheld body and brushes are very lightweight and may be perceived as "cheap" due to it's hollowness. Honestly, it feels as though it could break if it falls too hard on the ground 😕. Besides that 😊, the device works very well and the brushes clean deep into the skin. I've never used the flat foundation head attachment because the sponge seems too thick for smooth makeup application.

What does it do? Deep Cleans the skin with ease! The body has 4 brush heads that can be removed and placed safely into the case. There are 2 brushes: Soft; for gentle cleansing, and hard; for deep cleansing (use this sparingly). When the brush head is attached to the body it spins in circular motions, with 2 speed levels that can be adjusted to your preference.

Does it work? YES--very well! Although they look similar, this is not your typical clarisonic. I've used one before, and to be honest you shouldn't be scrubbing your face that harshly with a face brush anyway. This device however, has 2 speed levels (high and low), and different brush textures in case you want a lighter scrub (YES!). It also works best with a soapy face cleanser, and really gets into my pores to clean them out. The massager head is amazing and I use it weekly to lift the skin around my mouth and nose, so I can stay #foreverflawless.

Overall, I believe you'll benefit from this product, and you definitely shouldn't let the cheap price tag fool you either. There are lots of affordable beauty products that work just as well as their high-priced competitors. I bought this item from Marshalls in the beauty aisle; where I get great steals on skincare products. If you can't find it at Marshalls, you can get this item from Global Beauty Care. Let me know how it works for you in the comments!

Note: This item was not sponsored.

Stay Beautiful xo

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