Need An Exfoliation? Try This DIY Facial Scrub

For a quick home-made facial scrub, follow these simple directions to remove dead skin and reveal a smoother face.


You'll need:

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 tablespoons of honey (if you want a smoother paste, use more honey.)


  1. Mix the sugar and honey until it's well blended

  2. Apply the mixture to your face and lips in circular motions for about 30 seconds

  3. Wash off with warm water

  4. Apply Moisturizer

To tone your skin after the honey scrub (before moisturizer):

  1. Apply lemon juice (NOT LEMONADE) to a cotton ball and wipe it all over your face. 

  2. Wipe off excess lemon juice with warm towel

  3. Apply Moisturizer (Use Sunscreen if it's day time) 

This facial can be done once a week. The lemon juice toner can be done every other day after face washes. Discontinue use if face becomes irritated.

Stay Beautiful xo

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