FREE Fashion, Beauty, Accessories and More Vendors List 2020

Want to level up and start your own e-commerce store? Then you've come to the right place! Side note: I already know there's going to be some unhappy Vendor list sellers, but I've always believed that sharing is caring. Now moving right along...

Please note: A few of the vendors below do not have a traditional website. They get to

business via text messages or phone calls via WhatsApp. In order to chat with international vendors, you will need to download WhatsApp (which is a free app) from your app store.

After downloading whatsapp, add the vendor's number to your regular contact list in your phone book (don't forget the + sign) and be sure to name them when saving (ie. Fashion Vendor 1, Name of Company, etc). Once that's done, the vendor should appear in your WhatsApp contact list. Reach out to them, and make sure you are professional when doing so because nobody likes a rude person. Start with a "Hello, my name is__, and I am reaching out to inquire about your ___."

For all other businesses listed, browse their website and shop. Some of them may require that you have a resellers license / tax ID #, so use Google to get that going. I can't do everything for ya! Good luck, and if this list helps you jump-start your business, leave a comment or email me :)! I can help you learn how to grow your brand online using my digital marketing services.

Fashion Vendors

Shoe Vendors

gangzhou trade email:

Beauty Vendors

Accessories Vendors

Donghai Qianpanger Jewlery CO


Eyelash Vendors

WhatsApp +8613711251976

Please don't be a con and try to sell this list. I didn't make you pay, so don't do it to others. I will update this list as I get more vendors. Hopefully the list sellers don't get to me first! Stay hustlin'!! xo

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