6 Ways You Can Have Beautiful Skin NOW

Having beautiful skin is not all about the products that you use. The secret to beautiful skin is from within.

If you desire beautiful skin then its best to start from the inside out. These six tips will give you the boost you need to have healthier, more radiant skin.

  • Avoid Drugs: I won't drain you with the D.A.R.E. song, but drugs such as cigarettes (yuck!) and alcohol (a little sippy is ok :)) can dehydrate the skin and interfere with its ability to utilize nutrients. Be sure to drink lots of water and use a hydrating mask whenever your skin looks thirsty!

  • Fruits & Vegetables: Yea, yea, yea... I know! You've heard it 1,000 times, but you're still NOT doing it though! Eating healthy allows for a beautiful foundation that starts with your diet. A good diet is essential to your overall health, and the look of your skin. Studies show that diets high in sugar can make you look older -- and lead to diabetes. So go grab a carrot, eat some apples, and add some good fats (like avocados!) to your diet to promote your skin from damage, and acne.

  • Stress: Stress not only kills your skin, but it can kill you too. I don't mean to be sooo harsh, and I'm working on this too (hello, anxiety). Help your overall health and skin by addressing your stress levels. You can try the method, and although just take a few mins to BREATHE. Yes, just breathe!! Also enjoy some soothing mindfulness music on Spotify.

  • Beauty Sleep: I do not slack on this! The naps I fit into my day are no joke. Honestly, they may just be my excuse to get a few more Zs in, but they're also necessary for good skin health. Don't focus solely on the number of hours either (a good 5-7), but also on the quality of sleep. Get a good medium textured pillow, nice comfy sheets, and a good firm bed (adjusted to your liking with mattress tops/pads). Be sure to wash your pillowcase weekly to keep bacteria off your skin while you sleep.

  • Quality Products: Although the tips above are focused on ways to help your skin from within. I can't keep out one of the most important steps! Great skincare products make a difference because whatever you put on your skin matters. Try natural and holistic approaches when purchasing skincare products because chemicals/ parabens can age you while also dehydrating the skin. Use natural cleansers and oils from companies such as Dr.Bronners, Origins, One Love Organics, and NOW essentials; instead of products with harsh ingredients... or continue browsing this site to make your own.

Hopefully with the help from this list and this blog, you'll glow a little brighter and stay healthy a littler longer.

Stay Beautiful xo

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